Exploring the Rental Opportunity on Seneca Road

Are you in search of a versatile and spacious rental space in the thriving city of Eagan, Minnesota? Look no further than 1971 Seneca Road! This property offers an excellent opportunity for businesses looking to establish or expand their presence in a strategic location.

Location, Location, Location

First, let's talk about the prime location of 1971 Seneca Road. Situated in Eagan, MN, this property enjoys easy access to major highways, making it a convenient destination for both employees and clients. Eagan's central location in the Twin Cities metropolitan area makes it an ideal hub for businesses of all kinds.

Size and Flexibility

The building at 1971 Seneca Road has an impressive size of 46,166 square feet, providing ample room for various business needs. Whether you're seeking office space, warehousing, or a combination of both, this property can accommodate your requirements. Currently, Unit B is available, offering 2,129 square feet of office space, which can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Competitive Rental Rates

At Seneca Road Unit B, rental rates are market competitive, ensuring that you receive value for your investment. The flexibility of a one-year lease option allows businesses to test the waters or commit for a more extended period, depending on their strategic plans.

Additional Costs

It's essential to consider all costs associated with renting a commercial space. Common Area Maintenance (CAM) and taxes at 1971 Seneca Road are reasonable at $3.52 per square foot. These costs contribute to the overall maintenance and upkeep of the property, ensuring that it remains a pleasant and functional space for your business.

History and Renovation

Built in 1974 and renovated in 1996, 1971 Seneca Road strikes a balance between an established property and the modern amenities that businesses require today. The renovations in 1996 have brought the building up to contemporary standards, making it a suitable choice for businesses of various industries.


The available rental space at 1971 Seneca Road, Unit B, will be ready for occupancy starting from January 1, 2022. This means you can plan your move-in and start your operations promptly without unnecessary delays.

This Eagan facility offers an attractive opportunity for businesses seeking a versatile and strategic location. With competitive rental rates, flexibility in lease terms, and a history of renovations, this property is worth considering for your business expansion or relocation. To learn more about this rental space or schedule a viewing, contact Hunter at 612-500-7997 or email at [email protected].

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