A Detailed Look of the Northern Lights Bingo Hall

When it comes to community gathering places, few are as iconic as bingo halls. They provide not only entertainment but also a sense of togetherness and excitement. In the heart of Arden Hills, stands this historic gem that has been a hub of entertainment and camaraderie for decades: the Northern Lights Bingo Hall. In this blog, we'll dive into the details of this unique establishment, exploring its specifications, and more.

The Northern Lights Bingo Hall is located at 3776 Connelly Avenue in Arden Hills, Minnesota. The building itself was constructed in 1956, with 11,976 square feet and located on a sizable piece of land, totaling 2.19 acres. This acreage not only provides ample parking space for guests and employees, but also the potential for future development. The Northern Lights Bingo Hall was acquired for a purchase price of $2,700,000, reflecting its historical significance and potential as a versatile property.

The property taxes from 2023 amounted to $29,852, contributing to the local community’s services and infrastructure. With the hall falling under B2 - General Business District zoning designation, it is a versatile location suitable for various commercial uses. Northern Lights Bingo Hall is equipped with a sprinkler system to ensure the protection of both the building, land, and its occupants. For official record-keeping and identification, the bingo hall is associated with parcel number 27302340008. This unique identifier helps streamline administrative processes and property management.

The Northern Lights Bingo Hall is more than just a place to play bingo; it's a piece of Arden Hills' history and a symbol of community gathering. Whether you're a bingo enthusiast, a developer with an eye for potential, or simply someone interested in local Arden Hills history, the Northern Lights Bingo Hall is a place worth exploring.

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